Why Staying Independent Is Important

I don’t think that anyone realizes that when they want to be a known musician or singer songwriter or both, that they have to learn to do things on their own unless they want other people controlling and limiting their art or content. That’s why I think it’s important to create your own success because it gives you complete control over your content and your schedule somewhat as well. When I first started singing at a young age; I thought I would be signed to a label. I actually tried out for the Voice and didn’t get accepted however it was a blessing in disguise because odd something years later I realized I didn’t really want to be part of a label and that I want to have complete control over my career. Not only do you have freedom with your art but you also own all of your songs which is also very important in succeeding with your music career. Hope I can inspire others to work independently in their music careers as well. Blessings <3

Photo by Gezer Amorim on Pexels.com

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