The album logicality is about exactly what it sounds like. The understanding of being logical over doing what your heart desires sometimes because logically what your heart wants might not be for you or might not meant to be permanent in your life.. Just because you want something or someone doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is for you or that they are good for you, when we develop self love and start healing we can easily realize what is meant for us and what is not and the answers come extremely easily and immediately by using our intuition and logic.. or the practice of logicality. This album is exactly what that is about, trying to figure out what’s for you and what is not but instead of making the decisions only in the moment and maybe sometimes impulsively only with your feelings involved; instead you use your intuition and logic as well and connect to source of the divine to decide if that thing or person that you want is actually synchronized perfectly into your life and for your life or if you should just let go of it. Logic doesn’t rule everything but it is pretty important in life I think.

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